How well do you know your URL?

A URL is another name for a website, and with over a billion active sites online, how closely are you looking at the web addresses you visit? Let’s say you type a general phrase into your search engine, like “cheap tickets to Hawaii,” you get a list of results and one of them is and another is Would you really notice the missing ‘a’ in the second option?

The bad guys are using similar sites and slightly different characters to fool you into visiting their web page. When you land on their page, everything looks right, so you put your information in to search for or purchase tickets. They then gather all of your personal information and use it to commit fraud.

Best practice? Never click on emailed links to common websites or advertisements offering free giveaways. When purchasing something online or submitting personal information, always double-check that the website you visited matches the company name. When in doubt, call the customer service number listed in the contact us section to verify.

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